[ T e e___R o e___K o i d s ]

apps for download

Trochoid OSX, RealBasic

model, texture and render trochoid curves

- TroTorted OSX, RealBasic + Quesa

trochoid based 3D mesh

- exports POV & DXF

circa OSX, RealBasic + Quesa

trochoid motion modeller

- live control of circle spin speed

- dirt OSX, Objective-C

trochoid drawing screensaver

- Riemannoids Flash, ActionScript

an interpretation of Asteroids

- no phantom periphery, ship stays in center

AffineIFS OSX, RealBasic

Affine: a type of function
IFS: Iterated Function System

(a-la fractal flames)

ClickSPIM OSX, RealBasic

GUI to command-line SPIM and editor

multirvk1torvk2 Blender, Python

Blender script that reads in a series of DXF files and merges them into 1 animated mesh

ProteinViewer Java, Java

desc: reads a PDB (Protein Data Bank) file and draws the molecule in 3D